SlurryBugs is the UK’s most well known slurry additive which improves aerobic microbial activity and nutrient retention in stored livestock slurry.
Benefits of using the SlurryBugs slurry treatment include:
  • Reduced crust
  • Reduced smell
  • Improved fertiliser value of slurry
  • Liquified slurry for easier pumping and spreading
  • Minimised machinery/ fuel costs for aeration and stirring
SlurryBugs slurry inoculant is fully certified for use in organic systems by the Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers. It contains a blend of soil-originating microorganisms which are biodegradable and non toxic to humans, plants and animals.
SlurryBugs contains soil-originating bacteria and micro-nutrients in powder form which activate once added to water. The slurry inoculant works in all types of slurry systems – including slatted tanks, lagoons, ring towers, reception pits and channels.
Crust Buster is an extra concentrated formula of SlurryBugs which allows you to experience all the benefits already provided by SlurryBugs with more powerful results – for initial applications and extreme crust situations.
SlurryBugs Shift-It is a powerful formulation of freeze dried bacteria and specific enzymes to keep slurry liquid. Ongoing usage of SlurryBugs Shift-It means narrow channels and channels with minimal fall will work significantly better at delivering slurry into the lagoon.
The usage requirement for SlurryBugs and Crust Buster is dependent upon your specific farm system so call the team on +44 (0)1772 860085 to find out more.
Trials at the Lancaster Environment Centre have shown that EnviroSystems’ SlurryBugs combination can retain up to 70% of the nitrogen that would normally be lost to the atmosphere as ammonia gas. This resulted in more homogeneous slurry, less odour and CO2 /methane levels emitted.
Further trials have shown that the extra phosphate and potassium retained within the slurry help to improve plant growth and soil condition when the treated slurry is spread across fields.
SlurryBugs keeps the organic matter of slurry in a more homogenous form which makes the slurry easier to pump and easily taken up into the root structure.  As a result, the need for pit stirring is reduced – saving diesel costs and time as well as crusting and odour.
For more information on SlurryBugs please contact us on +44 (0) 1772 860085 and one of our specialist advisers can reach you (Mon – Fri 8am-5.30pm) or complete our Enquiry form on the EnviroSystems Contact Us page.

SlurryBooster Automatic Dispenser.

Slurrybooster Auto System

2 x 20 litre drums (1 x SlurryBooster and 1 x SlurryBugs Silage Additive) replaced every 3 months.

System is owned, maintained and restocked by EnviroSystems UK Ltd.

This allows the Dispenser to add a measured dose 4 times daily, fully automatically for 3 months


Bust That Crust


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