OptiSile Extra Silage

About OptiSile Extra Silage Additives

OptiSile Extra Silage: Three-strain biological silage inoculant
This formulation is based on the very latest knowledge about biological silage additives for:
  • Rapid fermentation
  • High palatability
  • Maximum nutrient preservation
  • Inhibition of clostridia, yeasts and mycotoxins
  • Cool, stable clamp face
  • Suits wide range of dry matters
  • Ultimately increases milk yield and helps you make more money
A three-strain combination of Lactobacilli developed by Envirosystems is employed in OptiSile Extra Silage. One is the widely used L plantarum, to support a standard lactic acid fermentation. The combination of the other two and are a proven inhibitor of moulds, yeasts and Clostridia.
Lactic and acetic acid in combination create fast, stable preservation, and maximise palatability and nutrient availability. During development, the formulation performed very well in scientific trials and on a number of farmers that used the additive on a full scale.

OptiSile additives
are fully certified for use in organic systems by the Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers.


OptiSile additives are designed to improve the stability and palatability of forages.

Our farmers say Optisile treated silage is more rumen-friendly, increasing dry matter intakes and reducing forage waste and gives them more milk from forage.

The Benefits of Optisile Extra Silage

  • Very Fast Fermentation

  • Effective in Low Sugar Crops

  • Enhances Keeping Quality

  • Improves Palatability

  • Increases Dry Matter Intakes

  • Reduces Heating Problems

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