Information about Enviro-Care

Enviro-Care Probiotic Cleaning Products encourage a healthy microbal environment for cattle and horses on their beds and skin surfaces. They introduce friendly bacteria, and through competitive exclusion displace pathogenic bacteria on any surface.

Enviro-Care products have been proven to reduce the risk of mastitis at calving as well as improving cell count and feet condition in livestock. Proven to be more effective than the use of iodine, leaving bedding drier and with much less of an ammonia smell during the winter months.

Livestock skin is left cleaner and healthier and vet bills are drastically improved.

Enviro-Care Range

  • EnviroCare Natural Teat Cleaner and Dip

  • EnviroHoof Hoof Tape

  • SlurryBugs Shift-It

  • EnviroCare Domestic

  • EnviroHoof Gel

  • EnviroHoof Spray

Enviro-Care Natural Teat Cleaner and Dip

Clear, ready-to-use Teat Cleaner and post-milking Dip, with non-antibiotic antimicrobial effects for hygienic udders. This proprietary formula is a potent germ-killer, yet gentle to skin. Natural skin conditioning ands exfoliating agents support soft supple teat condition. Unlike iodine-based products, this Natural Teat Cleaner & Dip is non-toxic and biodegradable. After post-milking use, there is NO sticky film that would attract soiling.

Available in 20 litre and 200 litre volumes.

SlurryBugs Shift-It

SlurryBugs Shift-It is a powerful formulation of freeze dried bacteria and specific enzymes to keep slurry liquid. Ongoing usage of SlurryBugs Shift-It means narrow channels and channels with minimal fall will work significantly better at delivering slurry into the lagoon.
Crust build up in channels causes major handling problems and is a potential breeding site for flies. Keeping the slurry liquid and homogeneous on a day to day basis is vital for efficient slurry handling, nutrient preservation and  controlling odour.

EnviroCare Domestic – Septic Tank Cleaner

Envirocare Domestic is a biological inoculant which naturally liquifies solids in septic tanks for improved efficiency, reduced risk of blockages, and less odour.

EnviroHoof Hoof Gel

Antibiotic-Free concentrated viscous gel for application in the interdigital regions of cow hooves with antimicrobial effects to maintain hoof hygiene.

EnviroHoof Hoof Spray

150ml Antibiotic-free Spray

USE: For application on the interdigital regions of cow hooves, minor cuts and skin abrasions on farm animals.