Approval for use on organic farms as well as conventional has been awarded by the Soil Association to the OptiSile range of biological silage inoculants from Envirosystems. This adds to an existing Organic Farmers & Growers certification.

Variants in the range for grass, wholecrop and maize silages all employ a three-strain combination of Lactobacilli. One is the widely used L. plantarum, to promote rapid lactic acid fermentation and nutrient preservation at ensiling.

Two other strains not used in combination by other UK additives are included to generate acetic acid, a proven inhibitor of moulds, yeasts and Clostridia both during fermentation and at feed out.

This three-strain formula is effective over a wide range of dry matters, according to Envirosystems silage specialist Sally Russell. “For organic and non-organic farms alike, the lactic and acetic acid combination creates fast, stable preservation, and maximises palatability and nutrient availability,” she says.