Mr. Leach, Myerscough College:

“The results are very encouraging and we are continuing the  research to monitor the improvements in N value. The trial findings are also  very timely; soaring ammonium nitrate costs have led us to bring our fertiliser  strategy under review.”

David Phillips, Trebared Farm, Cardigan:

“We can now depend totally on slurry for N,P and K. We are confident that the inoculated slurry is helping to improve the soil’s residual N”. “Since using SlurryBugs in my slatted tanks, pumping is far easier which saves time and fuel. I only need to stir every 3rd emptying which means the nitrogen stays in the slurry instead of being lost as ammonia.

Tom Whalley, Cheshire:

“The new finer, floury texture of EnviroBed means it stays on the cubicles longer and goes much further. The alkaline pH of EnviroBed resists the growth of bacteria so we haven’t used lime on the beds for 10 years.”

Darren Callan, Corston Farm and Broadgate Farm Pembrokeshire:

“Optimize balances pH and acidity levels in the grass leading to improved dry matter intakes. When you make grass silage from young leafy grass it can become very acidic, which causes problems to the cows digestive system. I have always ensiled high quality protein grass and this additive keeps protein in the silage.”

David Holt, Knightshulme Farm, Middlewich:

“Introducing bugs to the slurry and the silage has led to huge savings. Farmers that don’t have the courage to do what I did should treat their slurry and just try 20 acres with less fertiliser. If the cows are fed on a reasonably high input system, then there are enough nutrients in the slurry for the bugs to capture nitrogen and the other important nutrients. It is possible to do as I did and cut back the fertiliser by 2/3rds from the start, you will never know unless you try.”

Tom Jones, Farringden Hill, Somerset:

“I’ve seen the benefits of EnviroBed since I changed from using sand in the cubicles twice a day. EnviroBed is definitely very good at keeping cell counts down. It’s easy to handle and there are no pumping problems with the slurry.”

James Rogerson, Game Farm, Singleton, Lancashire:

“I have used Optimize for over 12 years now, it makes sure the feed value is maintained and the grass silage is not acidic. With high quality forage cows produce more milk from cheaper and smaller amounts of concentrate.”