Pig Feeds

Pig Nutrition / Pig Feed – High quality diets are formulated for specific requirements and manufactured to a high standard of pellet quality. Sound advice is available on pig feed, fertility problems and other problems experienced in  pig production in the 2000’s. Features of the diets-

  • high growth rates of growing pigs.
  • less scour
  • milky sows
  • good birth weights


greenlands_pig_20This is all due to the correct feeding of dry and lactating sows and the growing pig. Diets are formulated by Greenlands Nutrition to avoid use of costly growth promoters whilst ensuring healthy digestion. Raw materials are chosen for their total suitability for the sow or growing pigs. Many pig feed rations today are formulated on a least cost basis rather than to an ingredient composition. Pig feed ingredients are the key to optimising production not producing pig feeds down to a price. Diets are usually tailor made for specific needs, every farming situation is different and therefore requires specific pig feed rations to do the most cost effective job.