Heifer Feed

FERMENTEN™ for Heifers

What is Fermenten?

  • A unique source of degradable protein
  • Enhances efficency of rumen fermentation of all breeds
  • Increases bacterial by-pass protein
  • Allows faster and more efficent growth

What should you expect from Fermenten in your heifers?

  • Results may vary, but on average Fermenten heifers have demonstrated:
  • 21% increase in height gain
  • 10% increase in weight gain
  • 18% increase in length gain


Fermenten can give you the edge you need for

  • Bigger
  • Younger
  • Better
  • More profitable heifers

With Fermenten your heifers will have increased rumen volume and dry matter intake they eat more, grow faster and make more milk.

Your heifers will

  • Peak faster
  • Lose less weight in lactation
  • Persist better
  • Breed back faster

You will need less replacements, saving you time and money. Get the Fermenten advantage today!  Click Here for technical specifications and more detailed information on Fermenten.

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