Cattle & Sheep Custom Minerals

Greenlands Nutrition prides itself in solving mineral probelms on farms.

A vet recently described a fertility problem on a farm as “Mineral Sadness Syndrome” Many farms suffer from this problem. They experience sub-clinical symptoms of many diseases which can be prevented by properly attending to the mineral requirements of “high production dairy cows”.

The system requires full information of all feeds given to cows and their production levels. Silages need to be analysed for mineral content – this is a service provided free of charge. Sample bags will be sent to the farm for the farmer to forward to the laboratory for analysis.

A specific custom mineral is designed, all minerals are unique to the farm concerned. The contents will provide the herd with all her mineral requirements which are not provided by the other parts of the diet. Feed rates vary per cow per day, depending on the feed system and types of feeds used and the average yields. The recommended feed rates must be adhered to to achieve optimum results.

Premier Nutrition, one of the largest and only independent mineral supplement manufacturers produce the custom minerals and provide exceptional technical backup on all technical issues regarding ruminant, pig and poultry nutrition. All the custom minerals manufactured are very cost effective and when used as directed will help to solve common problems such as high cell counts / mastitis, soft feet, skin problems such as ringworm and general ill-thrift, infertility and milk urea.

rayleighcowsPremier Nutrition also produce Cuprotect – a superior source of protected Copper for ruminants. Copper deficiency in cattle can cause significant reductions in milk yield and growth along with poor health and fertility. Copper deficiency therefore costs farmers money! It can result from either a simple dietary shortage, Copper “lock up” following binding with mineral antagonists or a combination of the two.

Cuprotect provides Copper that is physically and chemically protected from Molybdenum and Sulphur.