Information about BactaHealth

BactaHealth Probiotic Cleaning Products encourage a healthy microbal environment for cattle and horses on their beds and skin surfaces. They introduce friendly bacteria, and through competitive exclusion displace pathogenic bacteria on any surface.

BactaHealth products have been proven to reduce the risk of mastitis at calving as well as improving cell count and feet condition in livestock. Proven to be more effective than the use of iodine, leaving bedding drier and with much less of an ammonia smell during the winter months.

Livestock skin is left cleaner and healthier and vet bills are drastically improved.

BactaHealth Range

  • Animal Housing/milking parlour Concentrate Cleaner
  • Animal Housing/milking parlour Concentrate Stabiliser
  • Teat cleaner/dip (alternative to using iodine)
  • Cow feet cleaner
  • Horse Leg and Hoof Cleaner
  • PIP Water Plus Treatment Concentrate
  • Allergy-Free Spray

Animal Housing Cleaner (AHC)

This is a strong active cleanser used to thoroughly clean cubicle houses and milking parlours. Immediately after cleaning, a healthy and stable microbial community is created on the surfaces by means of safe probiotic bacteria.

The product has a long lasting effect and makes disinfection in most cases redundant. Cleaning is to be carried out in accordance with the levels of dirt; AHC cleans fast without need for scrubbing.

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Animal Housing Stabiliser (AHS)

Application of this product is required following cleaning with AHC to maintain a sufficiently high number of probiotic bacteria in the animal house. This probiotic suspension establishes a healthy The product can be used in all animal housings by means of simple and economic spraying. In cases of heavily contaminated facilities, it is strongly recommended to perform a thorough cleaning by means of AHC before using AHS. Due to the presence of these stable bacteria disinfection becomes mostly redundant.and stable microbial community and with regular application acts as a preventative against growth of harmful microbial populations.

Cow Teat & Feet Cleaner (CTFC)

This product can be applied both to cow feet and udders. Application of CTFC results in a strong decrease in humidity due to probiotic bacteria consuming all available moisture. This effectively inhibits growth of pathogens since they require humid conditions to survive.

For Udders: CTFC is ideal for an automatic spray systems in the parlour for use in pre milking and post milking or as a conventional teat dip system instead of iodine based solutions.

For Feet: CTFC can be sprayed onto cows feet or use in foot bath for protection against digital dermititis and white line disease.

CTFC reduces the incidence of digital dematitis, a well known characteristic of lameness in cattle. In the case of udder treatment, mechanical milking often damages the teat skin which may lead to infections when hygiene is not optimal leading to high cell counts. CTFC maintains hygienic conditions on the udder by competitive exclusion of these infectious microorganisms therefore maintaining low cell counts and higher milk production.


PIP PLUS Water is a powerful probiotic concentrated to clean the inside of water systems. In such systems, the formation of biofilm frequently causes congestion within the pipes causing development of germs and decreased yields due to less palatable water. PIP PLUS Water actively destroys the binding matrix components of the biofilm, thereby purifying all pipes, tubing, pump and reservoirs in the water systems. Because of it’s neutral composition, PIP PLUS Water is completely harmless, non corrosive and can safely be applied to all types of water systems. PIP PLUS Water is biologically degradable, non-flammable, non-foaming and non volatile.